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About Us

In March 2015, the Gateway2Growth action group was formed. The action group was set up by organisations based in Emersons Green who want to see a new junction built on the M4. The proposed Junction 18A would provide greater access to the area and reduce the burden that is currently being placed on existing road infrastructure, which is which is increasingly struggling to cope with the demands of the area. The only current access route is via the M32 and A4174 road, which is heavily congested and adds 30 minutes to the travel time if travelling from the M4.

The residential and commercial community has increased over recent years. It is currently home to Bristol and Bath Science Park, AirBus, Harlqueins Business Park and the National Composites Centre, to name but a few, and has the potential to grow even further. It is important that the surrounding infrastructure matches the ambition of the area and that it is able to reflect the present day Emersons Green, whilst also being able to cater for future demands. The area has been identified by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership and South Gloucestershire Council as a priority area for economic growth.

Junction 18A would provide greater access to other regions within the UK and would place organisations even closer to Bristol Parkway, which could make the trip from London to Emersons Green door to door in just over two hours. If we want to see sustainable economic growth across the Uk, it is important that regions have the appropriate transport infrastructure in place to grow and expand.

This campaign is incredibly important. Businesses and other organisations are doing their bit in Emersons Green by creating new jobs and opportunities here. The regeneration will be complete once the area has its own gateway to the rest of the UK, making it truly accessible and open for business.